Get swept away in this luxurious cape
of baby alpaca. You may just 
need a lifegaurd!

Fair Isle (requires chart reading) in the Round
Blue Sky Alpaca's Sport Weight (2 colors)
Petal Pink - 516 (4 skeins) Med. Natural Brown - 003 (7 skeins)
US #4 (24" and 30") circular needles
gauge: 6sts/inch

The Wrapigan

A wrap? A cardigan? Just wrap up again!
in Stitch Poet's Wrapigan!

Peruvian Tweed (distributed by Joseph Galler)
100% Peruvian Alpaca
3 skeins (~1800 yards) 
US #7 (24", 16" and 12" or set of dpns)
gauge: 20 sts / 28 rows = 4x4" swatch

The Peruvian Tweed has proven to be the best yarn selection for this garment. If you must substitute yarns, keep in mind that it is meant to be drapey and not a chunky densely knit garment.  The Peruvian Tweed is available at many of the yarn shops that carry Stitch Poet and we've found nothing that works better.  Each skein is 600 yards, which is a delightful when knitting a large project like this!

The Grinch

Make delightful gift packages with this fun pattern!
It makes the package as wonderful as the
thought and gift.

Plymouth Galway Worsted Wt. Wool (1 skein)
US #8 dpns
Gauge: 5sts/inch before felting
embroidery needle and embellishments
The pattern includes instructions for two sizes:
Small (4") and Large (5")

The Chip Bag...Betcha can't make just one!


The original Chip is for an Aran Wt. yarn
(approx. 238 yards will work both bags)
US #8 needles, Cable needle
Lining and bamboo sticks or desired handle
gauge: 4 sts/inch in stockinette stitch

The pattern includes 2 sizes, but we've found that you can substitute almost anything and change the size of your bag. This last one is Super Bulky and makes a great tote! For more details on yarn substitutions, try searching Ravelry for what others have done! The original Chip was worked in Laines Du Nord's "Cleo." I believe this yarn has been discontinued, but the Chip Bag lives on in many different yarn substitutions!

Sugar Mountain

A winter headband for cozy ears!
This is a perfect project as you head for
the hills on your winter ski trip!

Pictured: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino 
Superchunky (2 skeins = 150m)
US #9 dpns
Gauge:  3-3.5sts/inch

Southend Hobo

Southend is Chip's Cousin!
You asked for it, you got it!
Can't get all your gear in one Chip Bag?
A girl needs her stuff! 

Lamb's Pride Worsted - heathers (3 skeins)
pictured in color M-01/Sandy - 570 yards
US #8 (24"circular) needles
Gauge: 4.5 sts/inch in Stockinette Stitch
1/2 yard lining, 7 buttons and/or magnetic snaps
if you are going to use snaps, omit the buttonholes!

Smart Girls....Knit!

A perfect cape for the library!
Small enough to fit in your backpack
for when it gets chilly in the stacks.
A great gift for your favorite college girl.

Noro - Kocheran (1 skein - 160m)
US #11&13 24" circular needles
US #8 dpns for I-cord drawstring
Gauge: 12 sts/15 rows yields 4" swatch
One size fits most.

Shoreline Cape

These samples are made of 
Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky
(each skein 75m)

Fair Isle worked in the round.
Main Color (2 skeins), Color A (2 skeins),
Color B (1 skein), Color C (1 skein).
US #8 & #11 (24" circualar) needles.
3 sts/inch on 11s

Passin' The Dress Code

Need to cover up that edgy cami and pass
the dresscode? Cover those shoulders
with this easy Cabled Shrug. 
This is a great first cable project!

One size fits most.
Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky
(2 skeins - approx.150m)
US #10 & #11 needles and a cable needle.
Gauge:  12 sts/17 rows yields 4"sqr in
Stockinette stitch on #11s

Memory Keeper

Remember your semester abroad? Remember the mittens you carried from coast to coast on every train? These fingerless fair isle mittens will make any traveler feel right at home while leaving her fingers free to gather her passport and text her mom that she's arrived safely!

Blue Sky Baby Alpaca Sport Weight
6 colors - 1 skein each 
choose 3 darker colors and 3 lighter colors
pictured  here:
Darker: Nat. Brown (501), Latte Brown (002), Nat. Med. Gray (508)
Lighter:  Petal Pink (516), Nat. Taupe (505), Nat. White (500)
US #5 dpns
Gauge: 6sts/6 rows per 1" square in Fair Isle
Size:  18.5" long, 8"hand, 12" forearm

Little Suzy Chapstick (Workshop Pattern)

This pattern is free to any shop ordering "In a Clutch" as a workshop pattern. This itty bitty pouch allows you to teach your students all they need to know to make "In a Clutch" in one workshop. They then have a tiny sample to experiment with when they sign up to take your needle felting class! Each pouch uses approximately 25 yards of worsted weight felting wool.

In A Clutch

In a clutch for a quick gift?!
This is a great beginner project!

Plymouth Galway Worsted Weight (1 skein)
US #8 needle and small crochet hook
Magnetic Purse Snap and Embellishments
Gauge: 5 st/inch on US#8s before felting
Finished size: approximately 9"x5"

I Love Lacy!

Add new life to an antique brooch,
pendant or trinket with a simple
crocheted edging.  Add some sparkle
by embellishing your finished piece with beads!
Granny's stuff never looked so good!

Classic Crochet Thread (size 10)
Crochet hook: 2.75mm

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mary! Mary! Let's make a
Felted Garden Basket handbag!
This little handbag measures approximately
5 inches tall, the perfect size for 
small necessities.
Little Marys love this bag!

2 Colors Plymouth Galway Worsted Wool
US #8 dpns (when stitch count allows, you may
switch to circular needles)
Embroidery Needle, Floss and Silk Ribbon
Bamboo Ring Handles and optional lining.

Hop To It

Here comes Peter!
Fill up these little Easter Baskets with
sweets to say, "No bunny loves you like I do!"
Make one for all your peeps!
It's a perfect way to give a treasure or treat
all year round decorated for the reason
or the season.

Plymouth Galway Worsted Weight Wool (1 skein)
US #8 dpns
Button and Embellishments
Gauge: 5 sts/inch in Stockinette before felting
Basket measures 2.5 inches

Festival Mittens

Even when it's chilly, the beat goes on!

MC: Punta Del Este Yarns "Mericash Solid" - 1 skein
AC: Louisa Harding "Kimono Angora" - 1 skein
US #2 and #7 sets of dpns
Size:  Small/Med (Med/Large)
Gauge: Linen Stitch/6sts/inch, 
Mock Fisherman's Rib/7sts/inch.


It's Stitch Poet's Clutch gone wild!
Add ruffles, beads and needle felting and you've
got a clutch suitable for framing and perfect
for "hanging" at a cocktail party!

Plymouth Galway Worsted Weight Wool
US #8 24" Circular Needle
Gauge: 5 sts/inch before felting

Eany, Meany, Miney, Mohair

Trying to decide what a great first
project should be? It's more than a scarf,
but not quite a wrap and it's fun and fast to knit!

Colinette Mohair (1 skein)
Fils Anny Blatt Victoria Ribbon (one skein)
US #11 24" circular needle
Stitch Marker
Gauge: 3 sts/inch in Stockinette Stitch

Crescent Moon

Dress up a plain crewneck sweater or wear
strapless for your man in the moon!
You'll dance under the stars in this fun accessory!

Approximately 65 yards of a light weight yarn.
(pictured right: Berroco Suede, left: Plymouth Baby Alpaca DK)
Needle size should coordinate with yarn
Gauge: 6.5 - 8 st/inch
Ribbon and Beads

Cootie Shot

When you were a kid, the hip accessory was a "Hello Kitty" backpack. Now that you're all grown up, you need a more sophisticated kitty for a Girls' Night Out, but you still need your COOTIE SHOT to keep the boy cooties away.  Knit and flet this kitty print, grab your girlfriends and head out for some fun. But remember, NO BOYS ALLOWED!

Plymouth Galway Worsted Weight Wool
(4 colors, 1 skein each)
sampled in pink, brown, dk.brown, off white
US#8 Needle
5 sts/inch before felting
Finished size 8ish" x 4ish"

Now, go have fun and don't be a scaredy cat,
but remember that it's a jungle out there!
God Bless the Cootie Shot!

Boathouse Row

Pictured here in 
3 skeins/Rowan Cocoon/Alpine (Chunky ~324 yards)
us# 8 and 10 circular 24" 
Gauge: 3.5 sts/inch on US#10s
worked in the round.

Pictured here in
Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky (3 skeins)
Size: 10" long, 29" neck opening, 50" bottom

Row, Row, Row your Boat
or make a splash at a cocktail party
in this versatile classic shrug!

Bijou Reflection

Baby, it's cold outside, but layers
can be pretty!

This double layered scarf with a delicate lace edge can be snuggled close to your neck to keep any chill out. Its unique construction reminds me of a reflection. It is worked lengthwise in one peice, the top reflecting the bottom, with a drawstring casing in the middle. I've included sash instructions, but you can replace this with your own fabric sash to add even more personal style to this fun scarf.

Bijou Basin Ranch 50% Pure Yak Down/
50% Fine Wool DK - 3 skeins (approx. 450 yards)
US#6 32" circular needle
5 sts/inch in Stockinette Stitch

Beam Me Up Scottie!

The first time I wore this necklace, I was trying to keep pace with the fashion designers and their long layers with big baubles.  I must say, I FELT a little like my son's solar system science project.  Oh the things we do as fashion slaves! Choose a tiny choker using only the smallest size, or long layers of planet sized beads. How about earrings or a purse handle for your Stitch Poet Clutch! Holiday ornaments? 

Plymouth Galway Wrosted Weight Wool
1/2" Tiny Bead: 1 yard
1" Big Bead: 4 yards
1.5" Planet sized Bead: 10 yards
US#8 dpns
Gauge: 5 sts/inch before felting