Cootie Shot

When you were a kid, the hip accessory was a "Hello Kitty" backpack. Now that you're all grown up, you need a more sophisticated kitty for a Girls' Night Out, but you still need your COOTIE SHOT to keep the boy cooties away.  Knit and flet this kitty print, grab your girlfriends and head out for some fun. But remember, NO BOYS ALLOWED!

Plymouth Galway Worsted Weight Wool
(4 colors, 1 skein each)
sampled in pink, brown, dk.brown, off white
US#8 Needle
5 sts/inch before felting
Finished size 8ish" x 4ish"

Now, go have fun and don't be a scaredy cat,
but remember that it's a jungle out there!
God Bless the Cootie Shot!

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